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Importance of Asbestos Air Testing

Asbestos is used in the manufacturing of construction materials. It is a silicate with a fibrous character. When it comes to the materials made using asbestos will include tiles, cement siding, ceiling tiles, insulation. Asbestos has been banned in very many countries due to its effects to the environment and human beings. When it is in the building's material, asbestos is said to be safe. However, the asbestos gets exposed to the environment when the material wears out or gets damaged. Exposing the asbestos to the environment is illegal since it can lead to serious hazards on peoples’ health. There are a numerous number of possibilities that can be as a result of exposure of asbestos to the air. People can breathe the asbestos fibres their lungs ones they have been exposed to the air. Many are the diseases that can be as a result of breathing in the asbestos fibers in the lungs.

There is need to conduct a test to determine whether there is asbestos in the air as a result of this. To ensure this there is need to ensure that there is a test that is done of one’s building to ensure no asbestos is in the air. The main reason for this is to ensure the safety of each and every one. The air test is done to a place where there is a likelihood to have been exposed to asbestos. It can be as a result of damaged building material. Ensuring that the material is replaced and the repair is done where necessary is the benefit of this.

During the air test to determine the presence of asbestos it is necessary to note there are two types of air tests. Transmission electron microscopy and the phase contrast microscopy are the two types of air test for asbestos. The reliability off both test is guaranteed. However, transmission electron microscopy is the best. The test is very accurate since it can detect great sizes of asbestos fibre. PCM is done by getting a sample of air which is sucked through a filter. A part of the filter is observed a microscope when the air sample has been achieved. The affordability of the method is cheap. Also, the process takes less time to achieve and gets the results.

When it comes to the TEM test, it is done using the electrons of a light microscope. Firstly, an air sample is collected from the suspected area. With the help of the electrons one will easily determine the asbestos particles in the air. The method is also not very expensive but it is time consuming.

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